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#1 2008-12-27 08:10:38

[tv] Fred G. Sanford
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giant steam holiday sale!

to anybody who might still be listening out there... Steam is having a big end of the year sale on tones of games (50~75%). Go check out the list, might find something you we wanting to checkout for a little cheaper. World of War is only 10% off. But they have Fallout 3, left 4 dead, spore, warhammer online all at 25%. All the warhammer dawn of war games are priced at $10 each. Team Fortress 2 for $10 and Bioshock for freaking $5. All ubisoft games are 25% off (like Farcry 2). CoD war chest (CoD, CoD :United Offensive and CoD 2) for $30... stuff like that.





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