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#1 2006-08-08 21:21:55

[tv] Fred G. Sanford
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Server Shut Down

Well it seems the day has come to pull the plug on the [tv] servers. CoD hasn't been kind to us and it's just not worth the cash to run an empty server. So in the next couple of days the [tv] CoD and RO server will go dark. The clan will still be around, tho in a much more informal way. Truth is, this group has always been about hanging out and gaming with good people... and that wont change when we shut down our servers. We're not ruling out the return of a [tv] server at some point in the future if a decent new game should happen to come out. So, to make sure everybody is clear...

[tv] Servers are shutting down

[tv] Website & TeamSpeak ARE still going to be here!

[tv] clan IS NOT disbanding!!

So if you want to play with the [tv] crew, look for us on TS, hop on and see where and what we are playing.

It's been a great run! Thanks to all the old school players that made the [tv] servers great!




#2 2006-08-09 08:23:14

[tv] Jay Jay Walker
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From: Il.
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Re: Server Shut Down

icon_sadicon_sadicon_sad  It has been Fun icon_sad to see the servers go tho icon_sadicon_sad



#3 2006-08-09 09:29:54

[tv] Lurch
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From: Harrison Twp., MI
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Re: Server Shut Down

Hopefully its only temporary.   Maybe till MOH Airborne comes out?  Saw it on G4, looked pretty cool.


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#4 2006-08-12 19:04:55

Milton Bradley
From: Ohio Province, Rep.of Comerica
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Re: Server Shut Down

I think the greatest tragedy of CoD are those damn default server settings nobody ever bothers to change.

I cite the few thriving servers ( where I actually stumble across [tv] people playing on other servers ) that take the time to tweak some of the finer settings, like the run speed which I thought ruined the whole experience. 

I think CoD has enormous potential, but people were too eager for a change to bother learning about all of the potential.   The tweakability seemed endless, too bad nobody took the time to actually make some changes from the default settings in so many areas.

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#5 2006-08-13 11:15:06

Rosco P. Coletrain
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Re: Server Shut Down

Nah, it just kinda sucked!




#6 2006-08-13 18:41:54

[tv] Cpl Agarn
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From: Stl Mo
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Re: Server Shut Down

yea i just considered it ok but yea lurch that new moh looks real good when does it come out?

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#7 2006-08-14 08:10:09

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Re: Server Shut Down

Well it is sad to see the [tv] servers come to an end.  I will always remember hopping on MoH:AA, my first computer game ever, and stumbling upon [tv] Land.  And that is where I made my MoH:AA home, along with Roland (aka Norm).  Then being accepted into the clan one of the first three outsiders was a privlage.  There, I met some of the kindest, friendliest, and most admirable people I know, even to this day. 

Fred - You did so much hard work to make a respectable fun playing atmosphere.  I don't think anyone really knows how much you put your heart into this clan, and server. 

JJ -  What can I say?  You were one of my favorite people to play with.  You have one hell of a sense of humor and a strong heart.  I always enjoyed talking with you.  I know there was a mistake made on my part years ago.  Hopefully you will find it in your heart one day to forgive me.  I did and always will respect your opinion and comments.  Tell your wife I said hello, and keep up with the Red Dwarf.  And water that bonsai tree!  Contact me sometime on ICQ (8189842). 

Eddie - We always stayed up playing new maps, trying to see if it was good enough for [tv] and as anti-cheat / anti-glitch as possible.  I can not count the hours we spent crawlign around, hopping on backs, and sniping / rifleing eachother.  You have and will always remain a good friend.

Nipsey -  Wad-a-trip!  You have to be one of the funniest people I know.  Whenever you logged into the game, I knew you were going to be a riot and 99.9% of the time I was right.  You always made people laugh.  And I think you are one that never received a lot of credit for your hard work.  You spent many hours of your free time helping Fred and the anti-cheat stuff.  Kudos to you!  Keep up with the Fire Department!  And we still need to get to gether sometime!  Bring your guitar, my wife will provide the drums!

Roland (AKA Norm) - Remember when we were first inducted into [tv]?  It was you and I against 4?  If I remember correctly, we kicked ass!  Then we were pistol whipped at the end!  That was some good times!  Keep up with the flying, and someday hopefully we can meet up.

Bombadil (aka foghorn) - Someday I will come down to the zoo and meet you.  Maybe in a few years the wife and I can afford the time and take a vacation down there.  I think .. I know you were one of the best snipers [tv] ever had. 

Stu (aka Carter) - Thanks!  You are always fun to fight against.  Whenever you hopped into the game, the ante was increased.  I ought to get xfire installed so we can keep playing on opposite teams. 

Cell - Not sure if you hop on the forums anymore or not.  But I want to extend my apologies to you.  I hope one day we can keep in touch.

Everyone else:  Thanks for some good times.  Our inhouse scrimmages were always a blast.  Starting with MOH:AA to COD, COD:UO and ROS.  You all are wonderful people, and some good friends.

First of all.. sorry! 

Secondly... [tv] better make a comeback sometime soon.  It truly is the best and most respected clan out there.   It may not be #1 on any ladders, or best in all tournaments, but I promise all that are reading this, is that [tv] is the best of friends.  That was always the number one thing with [tv], put friendships first.   You all will always... always... be friend to me.  I thank each and everyone one of you for making the [tv] servers what they were.  A fun, cheat free, and again fun place to play, hang out and chat.  It was an honor & a privlage to be part of the clan for so long.

The [tv] servers, players (past and present) are some of the best people you could ever hope to meet.  I hope that everyone takes the time to really thank them.  Not only for the awesome servers, but for some of the best friends out there!

I hope you all keep in touch and don't stop using the forums.  I will still be playing CoD:UO.  Hopefully we can all meet up on other servers.  Can you all list some of your favorite servers (with IP's) that you play on?    If I get a chance, I will try to get MoH:AA, if I recall, I sent that to Nipsey when he got his PC as a gift.

Keep in touch!
ICQ: 8189842

One last thing...

To [tv] "Grandpa" - Thanks for it all!  Your memory, honor, courage and service will always be remembered!  And if you were curious.. you have one hell of a grandson!

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#8 2006-08-14 14:37:11

[tv] Fred G. Sanford
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Re: Server Shut Down

Thanks for the kind words Lister!

My hope is that things don't change much around here because of the server shutdown. As I think we've always tried to make it clear, and you noted above, it's more about community with [tv]. The website/forum will still be here as a central point to keep everybody connected. TS will still be running and the plan is that we will all still be meeting up on TS to go game different places.

There has always been a struggle around here between having a loose collection of friends vs. being the archetypal gaming clan. And it seems like the more formal things got, the less fun people had. So this move makes us more fluid again. Hopefully it will provide an outlet for people to expand to new games and meet new people out there that might one day join the ranks of [tv]. It's definitely not my intention for [tv] to be gone any time soon.

I guess this is as good a time as any to drop some hints, but there is a major re-work of the website under way that I'll be rolling out directly following the server shutdown. The site is being re-organized as more of a meeting place to keep the [tv] members connected with each other. What I'm trying to facilitate is whatever game somebody is playing, come here and find out which of your friends is playing it and meet up on TS. And the re-built website will hopefully make that a lot easier. Plus we'll see the return of the chat room (the cool one everybody liked from before) and some other features to give people a reason to hang around. Anyway, that's all coming soon.




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