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#1 2006-06-07 09:19:28

[tv] Fred G. Sanford
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IW and Activision choose to screw over CoD2 once again

IW has stated that the only fixes the upcoming 1.3 patch will address are
- Gamestate
- PB Guid issue
These are the only two things this new patch will address?!?!?!?

um, hey... there's something pretty major missing from that list guys! The huge IWD file check sum issue.

Well IW's official community spokesperson says the following:

As I stated, we will be unable to release a fix for this issue, which is why this is a 'work-around' and not a fix.

It is not meant as a fix, but is the alternative and answer to not getting the IWD checksum error.

To answer Freeman's question. This means that we will be unable to fix this issue.

So what's the issue? The issue is that you can't provide more than a few custom IWD files (ie custom maps) without hanging the server. So you're limited to running around 4 custom maps. Clearly IW knows about the issue and stats they wont fix it. And the reason why, is because there is a work around for the problem out there.

Sounds fair, if there is a work around is a fix really needed? OK, but wait, what is this work around that makes a fix unnecessary? The work around is to repack all of your custom maps into one big ass IWD file (ie create a map pack). And there are several problems with that.

First it means players face a huge map pack download when they connect before they get to play. And by huge we're talking 60MB and up in most cases (5 maps around 12MB each = 60MB). You don't just download the map that's being played, you have to download the whole map pack.

And the second problem, two servers running the same map could have completely different map packs. So last night you played a map at server A and had to download a 60MB map pack to get it. Tonight you go to play the same map on server B, but their map pack is different so you have to download another 60MB to play the same map that you already downloaded the night before. And now you have the same map twice on your computer taking up space. Everytime a new version of a map is released, a new map pack has to be built and the whole thing has to be downloaded all over again creating even more duplication. 1 map out of 5 in a map pack changes... and you download all five all over again, which means 4 of those would be exact duplicates of maps you already have, just to update one map.

What this amounts to is a completely unworkable solution that totally ignores the needs of players and server admins. What's more... a fix for this issue has already been developed once by IW. When they pacthed this exact issue in the original CoD code between CoD and CoD:UO. No R&D required, just look at how you solved the problem last time and implement it in CoD2!! However, with IW saying that they are aware of an issue but actively DECIDING not to fix it I think it signifies that their support (if you can even call it that) for CoD2 is at an end. IW is completely and totally out of touch with online gaming in general and online FPS gamers in particular. CoD had a very active community growing from one of the most successful FPS franchises ever (MoH)... they squandered it and sailed the franchise right into a giant shit-tsunami.

If nothing else they are providing a great case study for up and coming game developers on how not to do things.




#2 2006-06-07 14:15:33

[tv] Nipsey Russell
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Re: IW and Activision choose to screw over CoD2 once again

shit tsunami = the phrase that pays

I love cod2, but I refuse to play it anymore, well not as much as I used to. COD:UO is the game for me.

I'll take Nipsey Russell for the block.



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