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[tv] Fred G. Sanford
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More server news

After trying to get a UO GFM server back up and rolling, we changed our minds! lol

We all love the GFM mod. The folks on the GFM team created an awesome mod that really improves the realism and game play of UO. Unfortunately, GFM is a 370MB download and the installer can be a problem. So it's a lot of hassle for people to get installed which I think translates to a smaller player base. The player base for a major mod is generally smaller than the out of the box crowd anyway.

So what we decided to do is pull out some of the bits and pieces from the GFM mod and build a stripped down light weight realism mod based on GFM. The goal is to get as much of the GFM improvements in realism and game play in as small a package as possible. Right now we have ported over the weapon behaviors giving us a nice basic realism, and it's working quite nicely. Currently the mod file is a super small 121kb that easily autodownloads right along with the custom maps.

So fire up UO, turn on autodownloads and check out [tv] Clan REALISM at

*NOTE: Some of the guys had to reinstall UO last night and when they tried to connect to any PB servers they were kicked with an error along the lines of "Distress, can't update PB files" or something like that. If you have a new fresh install of CoD/CoD:UO, connect to the server, pick a team and then type the following command into your console

/pb_security 0

Then hit enter and you should be good to go!




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