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#1 2005-10-27 08:38:50

[tv] Fred G. Sanford
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Call of Duty 2

Well, CoD2 is out and [tv] will be there!

But first I want to take this opportunity to post a little bit of a rant about the current mind set of Game Developers/Publishers in regards to the people who host these games.

Once again... NO LINUX SERVER ON GAME RELEASE DAY! Many of the [tv] guys ran out yesterday and snagged a copy of the game. The game shipped Tuesday, and a few people in the US were actually lucky enough to get it that day.  However, when they got home, hurried to install it and clicked right on the "Join Server" button looking for online action, what they found was... Tiny, High Ping, Locked servers!

Linux is the established hosting platform for the internet. And for very good reason, it is the superior OS for hosting, be it web services or online games! I don't care what kind of cash M$ shells out to convince anyone to the contrary. If there is no linux server released day one... there are few quality servers to play, and the game suffers for it.

The average consumer internet connection in the US is not wide enough to support hosting these games for more than a few player slots. You need big bandwidth. Joe Schmoe, popping in his CD on day one thinking he's gonna fire up a 20 man over his Yahoo DSL... doesn't cut it.

MP is the life blood of these games, and the commercial Game Hosting Providers are the heart that keeps it pumping, they are the ones putting the money into doing game hosting the right way. Linux is the choice of these companies, and Linux servers NEED to be a priority for the game producers.

So, I'll get off my soapbox now... and tell you all the good news. We managed to find a game server host running a few windows boxes, and ordered one to hold us over until the linux server is released.

[tv] has ordered a CoD2 server that should be up and running later today!




#2 2005-10-27 18:36:59

[tv] Maxwell Smart
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Re: Call of Duty 2

Righteous rant there, bro!!!

What are you talking about, 99?  We have to shoot and kill and destroy.  We represent everything that's wholesome and good in the world.



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