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Where the F are you people...

J and Barbie??? Online gameplay??? Seriously, guys, do you believe that? I bet J has bought out the pharmacist's supply of K-Y and trying to figure out where to apply it on the that aging cougar, Barbie.

No, J, there's no hole without hair outside of porno. ;)

CoD4 linux server released

The CoD4 linux server binaries have been officially released and in less than a month after the windows server release. Even tho [tv] no longer runs hosted games servers, I still feel that the linux game server community should be better supported. So a big thanks to Ryan Gordon of [url] who does a wonderful job (while being relentlessly spammed by impatient wannabe game hosts) to port the windows servers to linux. He does a hell of a job for some people who are IMO quite disrespectful at times.

Now, for all the linux server admins out there looking for fast server bin downloads, here's the official download sites:


Massive forum user clean up

Just pruned 280+ users from the forum membership... all zero posters. And there are still more to go. Hopefully this hasn't affected any legitimate users. if it has I apologize... post something and it wont be a problem.